the-pitch-podcast-art-episode-art-1Jenny Shih is an uncompromising business coach who believes it’s ALL possible. That you can make money doing work you love while also living a life you love. She is an insightful, intuitive, strategic planner with a passion for efficiency and systems. She helps her clients create a thriving, successful businesses that don’t require them to work long hours or sacrifice their lives to make it happen.  She uses all of her superpowers in everything she does. This means she takes your big, world-changing ideas and uses her project management skills, business and marketing know-how, love of strategy, hunger for efficiency, and comprehensive understanding of what makes people tick to help you create a business that’s successful, profitable, and wildly fulfilling. Jenny focuses on providing her clients with practical tips, step-by-step action plans, and straight talk.

I have known Jenny for quite some time and have actually considered her to be a mentor. I loved having the opportunity to chat with her about securing publicity for business.

As you know on the Pitch Podcast we discuss various ways my guests can go about pitching various types of outlets and different angles.  A very interesting part of this interview is that we discussed, almost exclusively, how she could go about pitching Amy Porterfield. I believe this is the first time I have ever discussed just one outlet for the entire interview.

Of course, we here at The Pitch Podcast love Amy Porterfield and so the conversation was able to continue richly and it was an interesting exercise in truly taking a look at how to go about pitching what I consider to be truly high value media in a way that will be successful.

In answer to my usual question about what piece of media has impacted her the most it turned out to be quite dramatic.  In fact, the news coverage surrounding 9/11 in general gave her such nightmares that she stopped consuming the news in general.  She now has what she calls “energetic media boundaries” and stays informed by getting updates from her husband.

I hope you will listen to and enjoy this episode.

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