Molly Rose is an expert Virtual Assistant, Trainer and aspiring entrepreneur. She supports entrepreneurs and small businesses by providing virtual support for day to day operations, business consulting & online business support. She also educates and trains virtual assistants to do what she does.

Molly Rose has always had the ability to act effectively and efficiently in all the things that she does. She was always the girl in the group who was looking for the easiest and quickest way to get the job done while maintaining quality, consistency and integrity. For the past 3 years she has juggled over 11 clients and added several skills and accolades to her resume. Below are some of her proud accomplishments.

Producer of the film Broke Busted & Disgusted
Leader of a crowdfunding campaign to effectively raise over $65K
Director of Operations for a national public speaker booking over $100K in speaking engagements annually
Co-Founder of the podcast, She Did It Her Way
Marketer for INTEL corporation at national marketing events
Brand/PR Marketer for the powerhouse entrepreneur, Farissa Knox

When not busy assisting entrepreneurs build their empires or growing her own program to teach virtual assistants- you can find her traveling the world, sailing, cooking every Giada recipe she can find and hosting parties.

I had a wonderful time interviewing Molly Rose and found her to be very refreshing. She is taking a unique approach to a very unique and growing business. No matter where someone is in their VA career, Molly Rose has a program that can help them get to the next level.

We discussed who her target audiences are and how she could reach them both. In reaching out to two separate target audiences we talked about the fact that she would need to put together two different pitches. This is a very inspiring interview and would certainly give anybody ideas about getting help as an entrepreneur or if they are thinking of a new direction (out of the corporate lifestyle), this could be a viable option.

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