copy-of-the-pitch-podcast-art-episode-art-5Heidi Thompson is the chief marketing geek & founder of Evolve Your Wedding Business and she helps wedding professionals grow their businesses without going crazy in the process. Her marketing expertise has been featured on several wedding and business outlets including The Huffington Post, Social Media Examiner, Book More Brides, Sprouting Photographer, Photo Biz Xposed & she’s an advisory board member for the UK Academy Of Wedding & Event Planning.

In this episode we discussed how huge the media is in the wedding world but that it is not necessarily providing the ideas or solutions to couples that they want. And since she is all about helping wedding professionals, they are to an even greater extent not getting the kind of information they need.

Heidi has been fairly active in getting coverage for her business in that she has been appearing on various podcasts but is aware that she could be doing more. I suggested that she swing on the coattails of wedding season and start promoting herself to the media during its peak. We discussed the idea that since her business is really B to B, she approach some business outlets and talk about the business of weddings with the assumption that at least some of who she is trying to reach (wedding vendors) would be paying attention.

We talked about the fact that her marketing experience can truly be of great help to how she goes about her media pitching and that her audience is super niche.

We discussed some other ideas and I think the big takeaway is that no matter what kind of business you are in, you need to be thinking about how you can reach your target audience.

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