copy-of-the-pitch-podcast-art-episode-art-3Nicole Culver is the host of the Blissful Bites podcast and founder of Blissful Eats, an organic snack company. Her goal is to to help women get focused, follow their dreams and be happy in their everyday life. Nicole is a work at home mom to two girls, loves cooking, the early morning and lots of coffee.

This is a great interview to listen to because when I asked Nicole what she has been doing to help get her name out there she said “well, nothing.” What makes that great is that we had to really start from scratch and come up with several strategies.

Of course she does have her super successful podcast, The Blissful Bites podcast and has appeared as a guest on other podcasts but there is a great deal she could be doing.

First of all, she does want to be on local TV so we discussed how she can go about doing that. Secondly, because she has a food company, that comes with built in appeal that outlets will clamour for.

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