copy-of-the-pitch-podcast-art-episode-art-2 Samantha Lee Wright is a free-spirited, tech loving, multi-passionate entrepreneur and mother. She is a childbirth educator and doula, and host of the #1 Essential Oil Podcast on iTunes, The Essential Oil Revolution.

She believes women have an amazing capacity to change the world, and that that power often times gets discovered during pregnancy and childbirth, but it doesn’t have to stop there. Her mission is to help moms get in the driver’s seat of life, whether that be in birth, in health, or even in business.

While spinning lots of plates and working on many ventures, Sam has still been doing an amazing job of getting the word out about her various businesses.  She has taken on the task of being a network marketing entrepreneur and is growing the audience for her podcast every week.  But she knows that there is still more she could be doing to raise her profile.  I felt that she has enough exposure at this point to start reaching out to some more mainstream media and in this interview we discussed how she could begin doing that.

You can learn more about Sam on her website:

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