the-pitch-podcast-art-episode-artAnita Lustrea is a long time broadcaster, the last 16 years spent hosting a live syndicated talk show in Chicago. She now hosts a podcast called Faith Conversations and is a Media Coach, helping people engage effectively with the media.

In this episode we discussed how people can go about making their pitches stand out and getting me the media to respond. Anita shared that one of the first things we need to do is take just a few minutes and review at least the website of the outlet that you want to pitch.

We also discussed the idea that so many of us are working solo and need to rely on each other for entrepreneurial support.

We also talked about the fact that so many people are moving away from being attached to a large entity and “going it alone” whether by self-publishing or by pitching yourself. Her takeaway is that if you know what you are doing and truly think things through you have as much chance as anyone else to break through to the right people.

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