the-pitch-sarah-eggersSarah Eggers is a web designer in Kansas City who loves to work with creative bloggers. She started out offering people social media strategy advice over a cup of coffee and now is a freelance web designer and small biz social media consultant. She has both a 9-5 and a 5-9.

Sarah learned that she can be helpful and get paid for it after lots of time giving advice for free over coffee dates. Sarah has been putting herself out there in Social Media offering advice to bloggers those who might need it. We discussed the fact that her goals right now are to attend conferences as a speaker and to lead a workshop. We discussed the idea of her reaching out to some of the conference companies and offering a guest blog throughout the year to help get her foot in the door when it comes time to pitch herself for the conference.

Sarah asked me for my top three tips for speaking and I shared with her what my Dad had boiled down for me once – tell them what you are going to tell them, tell them and then tell them what you told them.  I also suggested she watch The Ted Talk on giving great Ted Talks

When I asked her what piece of media has had the biggest impact on her she shared that it was The Art of Nonconformity  by Chris Guillebeau.

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