The Pitch - Margo Tirado Margo Tirado is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor who received her Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology from Wheaton College. She has over 25 years of clinical experience in the field of psychology including, community mental health, residential and milieu therapies and currently owns a thriving private practice in Hinsdale, Illinois. She is an Adjunct Professor at Huntington University, and a sought after speaker regarding a series of original workshops she has developed which focus on helping women find their voice.

She supports her clients with integrating their faith with counseling, and seeks to continually provide the most current and research based therapies. She has journeyed with thousands of women, helping them find their Voice through Counseling, Coaching and Speaking

In 2010, Margo co- created The Dash Conference for women, an original one-day conference based on readings, research and clinical observations of the unique lifework challenges of the feminine soul. These observations, paired with hands-on right and left brain experiences, created a unique one-day conference which move women towards significant self-discovery, growth and life shifts.

Whether she is teaching, counseling, coaching or blogging, Margo’s lifework is helping women find their Voice.

We discussed what she has been doing up until now to get the message out about the work she is doing. She shared with me that there are several shows that she finds to be inspiring, such as The Broad Experience podcast, and I felt that this type of podcast is attainable for her to appear on. We also talked about some other elements of the pitch that she could put together as well as an approach she could take to building contacts with the outlets that would be a good target for her.

In response to my question about which piece of media has had the biggest impact on her, she shared that it was actually Malala.  Margo stated that she is so impressed by the fact this this young woman has found her voice when there was an actual attempt to silence her.

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