the-pitch-abrey-rose-collins-1Aubrey Collins is marketing and communications director for a digital agency called MediaTree. While she has been published and featured in multiple publications within her industry, she is looking to do more with her personal writing — specifically writing related to her journey as a mother.

When she first became a mother, even when she was searching for articles that would help alleviate her ever present “mom guilt,” Aubrey felt like she couldn’t escape the online judgments related to parenting.

She wants to join the growing revolution of honest parenting articles and hopes to publish the type of articles she yearned to read when she began her journey into motherhood…and hopefully help some new (or even not-so-new) parents in the process

In this episode, we talk about the best route to finishing and publishing her articles where they will be the most help to other parents.

What I most love about this episode is the revelation that Aubrey has a masters degree in creative writing. When she’s writing she’s in her genius zone. How much of that genius would we (the world) miss out on, if she didn’t take steps to publish?

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