Copy of The Pitch - Tori TothTori Toth is the founder of the Stage 2 Sell Strategy & Stylish Stagers, Inc. who helps her client who have asked themselves:

“How can I sell my home quickly?”

“How can I persuade someone to buy my home?”

“How can I negotiate my offers to get the biggest return on my investment?”

“How can I convince people that my home is right for them?”

“How can I  gain an unfair competitive advantage in the housing market?

Her goal is to add more value to your home by giving you the tools needed to prepare and showcase your most valuable asset, your home, for sale. When you stage a home as a seller, you’re telling potential buyers, damn right, my home is amazing and it’s worth every penny of the asking price!

Home staging is strategic marketing for your biggest return on investment by focusing on home renovation and creative design. Translation? A home stager creates a lifestyle that buyers want to aspire to through methods of rearranging, organizing and in many cases adding or editing furniture and home decor. Making your home more desirable will get money in your pocket quickly. Who wouldn’t want that?

In this episode of the pitch we discuss how to position her unique business including her course to very targeted audiences and help build her media platform