The Pitch - Brandy Lawson (2)Laura Allahverdi is a Life Coach, Strategist & Game Changer.  She helps her clients reach their full potential and teaches them how to master their own lives. She works with people who want to make things happen in their lives but feel held back.I pour a lot of love into giving it to you straight while I get to the root of the matter with ease (my specialty) and give you tools and strategies to turn it all around.

Laura’s private clients do amazing things like leave dead end jobs to start dream businesses, discover their true calling, find true love, reignite and better their relationships, lose weight and get in shape, buy houses, increase their revenue streams and get back their power and mojo. They learn how to overcome what’s in their way and improve their confidence, organization, productivity and life balance. They find happiness in themselves and abundance in their lives.


Laura is now expanding her business to include designing modern, chic jewelry with Mala Beads to help her clients get into the right mindset.  We discuss a strategy to help her gain media coverage for the new aspect of her business

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