The Pitch - Katya SarmientoKatya Sarmiento is the founder of where she teaches online entrepreneurs and coaches how to start and grow a thriving online business.

And by thriving, she means not just having tons of clients, money, and sales – but also having the time and freedom to enjoy all of that well-earned success.

She’s a go-to tech expert, and her mission is to help entrepreneurs not just make a bigger impact, but also make more money while working less. When she’s not discovering and setting up new technology & systems for her clients, she can be found playing video games, watching Game of Thrones, and practicing piano.

In our interview, we discussed what it is about her that would make her a perfect guest for interviews and the type of interview she can deliver.  We came up with an idea based on one of the things that her clients love about her most.

She is not afraid to tell her clients when they are engaging in activities that are a complete waste of time.  We discussed this as a topic for an interview and who it might be good to pitch it to.

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