With over 20 years of experience as an event planner and public relations executive in New York City, and more than 10 years as an iPEC certified coach, Elaine Wellman has launched and overseen numerous entrepreneur events, destination retreats, boutique trade shows, speaker conferences, black-tie galas, store openings, receptions, and more.

Elaine works closely with transformational coaches and entrepreneurs to bring their destination retreats to life abroad and in the U.S. And through her coaching programs, she teaches small business owners how to host their own events and retreats. She has managed private and public events at such New York landmarks as Central Park, The Rainbow Room, The World Trade Center, and South Street Seaport, among others, as well as in Costa Rica, France, Mexico, and Monaco.

Elaine’s motto is, “I can plan an event with my eyes closed yet through my coaching lens, walk in with eyes wide open to provide next-level event management.”

**Please Note: This podcast was recorded prior to the COVID Pandemic

In this podcast you will hear: 

  • Who is Elaine and what made it inevitable that she’d end up doing this work
  • How you can create profitable retreats and events that help engage your community and provide a transformational experience
  • How to get people to come to your event or retreat



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