melvilleSomething new here today…The Pitch PODCAST!

All about the things we do to call up the courage to make the pitch that changes our business and change our lives.

This season we’re going to be talking to all types of people about the biggest pitches of their lives, how they did it, what they said, and how they summoned the courage to make the big ask.

I’m sharing the audio with you here, because I like to talk more than I like to write.

But I’ve also got you covered with some notes on the salient points made in this episode.

We are talking about why NOT to use that template you downloaded off the internet…or got from that free training…or was sent from someone you don’t know (or who doesn’t know you!)

Don’t use that template before doing these three things to it:

Connect to the Content: Make a connection to the content that exists on the site, or make a personal connection to one of the people they’ve interviewed,

Talk about the Editor’s projects: Stalk that editor and get familiar with who they are. Have they written a book? Are they a big fan of something in particular? Find out. (Did you know that was the word of the year last year, “they?” in the singular form as I’ve used it here. Proper grammar actually calls for me to write “he or she” there. But because the American Dialect Society has officially recognized the singular they I am leaving it, happily.)

Make It Sound Like You: Don’t use someone else’s words. Write in your voice. Find your voice in writing by thinking about your Personality, Style and Point of View. For more on voice, listen to the podcast.