You hate your job.  You hate your commute.  You hate your officemate. You hate…it all.  On some deep level, are you operating with contempt for your daily routine?  On a very palpable level, this is affecting your happiness. So how can you flip it, and live in joy, even when the daily grind seems to be dragging you to a place quite counter to this desire? Here are some tips for making the best of things that could very easily get you down.  

Have a good morning: Honor yourself by getting enough sleep, getting moving at least once a day – taking a walk or getting yourself to the gym, eating breakfast and getting to the office on time.  It’s never too late to turn a bad day around, but it’s so much easier to start off on the right foot.  And it’s not hard to make that happen.  

Put your commute to good use: Whether you’re driving or you’re taking public transportation, devote your commute to self-improvement.  Put on your favorite song to boost your spirits and your energy level.  Listen to some hopeful instrumental music and set your intentions for the day.  Or, listen to an inspirational podcast or book.  Get your mind in the right space before you even set foot in the office.  

Get into gratitude: Nothing is perfect.  But finding the things throughout the day for which you can be grateful, will boost your happiness, and that will enhance the energy you exude.  So, look for things to be thankful for: whether it’s that father on the subway who was being especially kind to his young child, something special you plan for your lunch break, or the enjoyable conversation you had with a co-worker.  

Follow your heart: Listening to your gut on a daily basis will ensure you stay in a higher vibration.  When you make choices that are not jibing with your heart’s desire, those choices are going to feel wrong, and you may end up in a place where you are not giving your best or living to your highest potential.  Also, your gut will actually tell you what will make you happy in a given moment.  Whenever possible, listen to it.  At work, we may not always be in control, but there are always a few moments that you can sneak for yourself to do something that enriches your spirit.  If you love photography, read an article about it or seek out a new artist online.  If you love to write, open a new email, and send yourself a message with a few sentences that came to you during your commute. If you feel like you need a new job, then by all means, search for one.