Are your worries convincing you that you are the only one having this experience? Check out this series of articles that offer anecdotes and personal realizations that not only will show you you’re not alone but will offer you some pretty rockin’ — and proven — tools.


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Do you have an aspect of your personality that you feel is just keeping you down? Here’s the story of my shadow and how I learned to dance with her.


How I went from being the most awful patient in medical history — includes the story of a crazy thing that happened in my pediatrician’s office — to learning a better way to deal with pain.  The emotional stuff, too.


Why you should never feel guilty about your dedication to your routine, or anything that you believe keeps you sane. This is how I discovered that movement is my medicine.  (I also reveal my super-secret exercise history!)


The most transformational experiences of my life were terribly fraught. Conclusion: we all may want “life-changing” experiences, but we don’t anticipate the sometimes-painful stretching that’s necessary. Check out this article on how I learned to stay present despite the pain. 


Here is the story of how I “called in the one,” the unconscious spiritual path I took to meet my husband.