Connection is everything, from growing your business to feeling personally fulfilled. This conversation examines how cultivating a loyal, engaged community can drive business growth, innovation, and resilience.

Community building has become it’s own expertise. What strategies can businesses employ to build and nurture these communities? How does the value created in these relationships translate into sustainable business advantages? How can community drive business in a direction the founder didn’t intend? We’ll dive into examples of businesses that have thrived by prioritizing their communities and – positive and negative – lessons they offer.

This conversation is about the people who surround you, those you want to draw close, and the unexpected impact of the hive mind of the vision you have for your work and impact.

For now, I’m so excited to have a panel of prolific, savvy, and experienced business owners with me for this conversation: Sandra Camacho, Ariana Rodriguez, and Ingrid Zapata Read.

If you feel like:

  • Your business isn’t growing the way you want
  • You are doing all the things but your business isn’t responding
  • You feel frustrated because all your efforts aren’t resulting in the momentum you need…

You’re experiencing the strategy gap

The space between where you are now and where you know your business can go.

You’re not alone…

You and I can chat about how we’re getting you to the other side

Offering you a free call to explore the gap…

We’ll talk about where you want to go…

What obstacles you’re experiencing — they aren’t usually what you think they are —

And we’ll create a strategy roadmap to guide you toward the growth you’re seeking.