I have a client who says “The message is love, Amanda…the message is love.”


But, what does that mean?


Who does that resonate with?

In this episode, I debrief on:


What’s wrong with this:

It’s not in plain language

Doesn’t mean anything to the audience that might be seeking her out

It’s not at all clear what she DOES…


When you don’t have a clear message that actually resonates: 

  • No one knows what to ask you…the conversation doesn’t flow
  • You confuse people
  • No one knows who to send your way
  • No one knows how you can help them
  • There’s a barrier between you and your audience

What is “your message?” Your message will communicate the following:

What you do

Who you are

How you help people

What is your paradigm-shifting point of view…


How to come up with your message? Answer these questions…fill in the blanks.

How do you help people…

What do you do help them…

WHY do you do this? What in your life lead to this…

What is your big mission