Clear Mental ClutterThe ability to tune in to the inner voice of wisdom, your intuition, is an essential skill for every entrepreneur. But, how can we hear that voice if we’re constantly running around trying to get stuff done? How can we trust that voice if we are always worrying that we’re falling short or not doing things “right?” How can we even think about tuning in when we’re stuck and are staring at an unfinished to-do list at the start and end of every day?

Movement and Meditation

It’s a routine that has helped me transform my life from a harried, impulsive mess into something deliberate, productive and peaceful Enjoy the adventure, instead of freaking out. By downloading Meditation as Medication you’ll receive:

Morning Meditation:

  • Feel more in control of your day
  • Set yourself up to take grounded, confident action
  • Clear space in your body and mind for peace

Walking Meditation:

Movement to help you shake yourself loose from anxiety and business paralysis

  • Drum up inspiration
  • Reorganize your mind
  • Prompting to make the conscious choice to allow your thoughts to float through your mind, without attachment.

Rest Easy Meditation:

  • Ease into sleep with a positive mindset to set the tone for a restful night a productive tomorrow
  • Release the day, honor what you’ve been able to do and forgive yourself for the moments you felt you fell short.
  • Transform your uncertainty into positive beliefs.

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