Chanie Wilschanski is a mom of 4 little kids and is the founder and CEO of her company, Schools of Excellence.

Her mission is to give school leaders and teachers the practical tools and strategies to create a transformation and a ripple effect in their lives and that of the children and families they serve.

She holds a dual masters degree in education and special ed and has been working hands on in this field for over a decade.

She’s worked in schools in 6 different continents and over 30 different countries, including Africa, Asia, Nigeria, Russia , China and all over the US and Canada.

She’s been featured on multiple media platforms including NBC, WBAL-TV, INC and others as she continues to share the message of Schools of Excellence.

In this episode you will hear: 

  • How Chanie created a business as a CEO that is successful and inspiring
  • How she has brought that nurturing to all the experiences that she creates for her clients, in her programs and in the events that she creates for them
  • Us brainstorming about how she can articulate the value of the experience that she provides