You’re in the subway station. You’re staring into the darkness of the tunnel, from your perch on the platform.  Your eyes play tricks on you.  They try to convince you that the reflection on the tracks of the light on the side of the tunnel wall could be the train.  You stare at that light to see if it moves, or gets brighter, as the train’s headlight inevitably does.


The light of the actual train is unmistakable. For a few seconds before you see the train itself, you see that light, bright and golden, crawling along the tracks.  You know it’s on its way…with certainty.


That knowing is such a relief. You can stand there for a second and nod your head.  “I know it’s on its way.”


Apply that knowing relief to your life.  In what areas of your life do you need a little infusion of this certainty?  Invite in the feeling of this absolute confidence.  Embedded in everything you want is this feeling of knowing you can have it.  It may be obscured by fear, worry, doubt, or judgment.  It’s up to you, though, to find it, unearth it, and feel it.  Let the light of knowing obliterate all doubt and limiting beliefs that are keeping you separate from your desire.


You can have it.  Believe it’s on its way.