How to Use Your Story to Create a Great Brand: Episode 190

Caloni Michelle is a Personal Branding Expert and the Founder & CEO of Brandstrom – A Personal Branding Agency, National Speaker, Serial Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Event Host and Premiere Personal Branding Mentor Who Hosts Personal Branding & Marketing Seminars, LinkedIn Local Events, Influencer Events & Masterminds. After completing her Master’s Degree in Business Administration and building [...]

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How Productivity Can Change Your Life and Business with Amber De La Garza: Episode 188 Empowered Publicity

Before Amber’s passion for productivity was ignited, she became a licensed realtor and completed her bachelor's degree in real estate and business management. Amber has since acquired more than 15 years of experience in real estate management, training, and coaching. Early in Amber’s career, her desire to help others was initially fueled by witnessing very [...]

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How to Understand How Psychology and Human Behavior Plays into Business with Melina Palmer: Episode 186 Empowered Publicity

Why do people say one thing and do another? What really drives behavior? How does the brain actually work – and how can we best communicate with it? What does that mean for companies? Melina Palmer, host of The Brainy Business podcast, has dedicated her career to seeking answers to these questions for herself and [...]

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How to Create a Business by Challenging the Norms with Rachel Estapa: Episode 184 Empowered Publicity

Rachel Estapa, founder and CEO of More to Love, is passionate about empowering people to love and appreciate their bodies. Her own path to body acceptance began many years ago. After yo-yo dieting throughout her teenage years and into adulthood, Rachel took stock of her life and realized she wasn’t happy. Even when she reached [...]

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