[Solocast] Part 1- Two Essential Things to do BEFORE Going After Visibility

Before you go after visibility, there are TWO things you must do first! This episode is Part 1 of a 2-part series that will teach you four things that are essential to work on before you ever step into visibility. While, I strongly believe in the saying " Start before you're ready and dive into [...]

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The Powerful Question that Will Lead You to Your Purpose

Shawna Emerick is a Yoga instructor, Thai Body-worker, and Somatic therapies integrator. She is a Life Coach for Transformation, is Reiki attuned, and holds a B.S. in Dance. Shawna has been teaching yoga and practicing her healing modalities for nearly 20 years. She has hosted numerous retreats including those at the world famous Garrison Institute [...]

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[Solocast] How To Come Up with the Right Title for Yourself

When you started your business, did you ever have the moment when you thought..."what is my title?"  Or "what should I put on my business card or for my email signature?" In this episode, I want to share with you the importance of having the "right" title that people understand.  While it is great to [...]

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The Power of Being Straightforward in Every Area of Life

Ashley Manzi has two kids and a career as a divorce lawyer. This apparently qualifies her as a working mom. She always hesitates to say “working mom,” because the reality is: “whether you are employed outside the home or not, if you are a mom, you are always working.” Nonetheless, that’s the label she’s given. [...]

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[Solocast] How to Get PR for Your Business to Consumer Business

If you are a Business to Consumer Business owner, than this episode is a must for you! As a Business to Consumer Business owner, there is a vast opportunity to serve every day people everywhere! This gives you a unique advantage to market in so  many different places to be seen and heard to reach [...]

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How to Take Moments of Transition as Opportunities to Evolve

Kristen Rzasa is a life and business strategist who helps people find a brand new rhythm in their bodies, days, businesses, and lives. She combines her background in health and wellness with her Corporate leadership experience to guide clients to elevate their mindset, enhance their energy, expand their time and enrich their environment. She wears [...]

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