How To Synergize All Of Your Various Passions And Expertise

Heather Manwaring is a photographer who provides a transformational experience of healing and personal expression for women in business and in life. A California native who has totally fallen in love with living in NY, Heather’s unique photographic process is informed by her years of experience with different healing modalities including authentic relating and visual [...]

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Rebroadcast: How to Get Publicity for Your Product, and Create a Movement at the Same Time

Mary Clavieres is the founder of Brief Transitions, a product based business providing mesh underwear to women after childbirth and surgeries. She is an experienced Amazon seller and leverages her 14+ years of manufacturing at a Fortune 100 Pharmaceutical company to grow her product based business. Mary is also the founder of The Transitions Collective, a [...]

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How Building Relationships is the Fast Track to Building a Profitable Business

Natalie Gingrich is the founder and host of The Ops Authority. She has been in operations for two decades – either in healthcare, corporate America or as an entrepreneur. Her goal is to bridge the gap and overwhelm when it comes to processes and systems, growing a team, and setting up solid business foundations. She [...]

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The Power of Fun and FOMO: How to Use Events as Publicity

Hope McGrath is a Certified Professional Coach and uses a holistic approach to transformation. She incorporates practices for mindful living, which in turn spices up your spiritual, social, and professional lives. The resulting eye-opening shifts in perception get you all hyped up to dream big and take some serious action to live and love your [...]

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