(Solocast) Rebroadcast: Upgrading Your Mindset For The Rest of This Year

In this episode, we will talk about mindset, which is one of my most favorite things to talk about when it comes to putting yourself out there.It goes hand-in-hand with all of the tactics that you will employ to get into the media. Your mindset should be willing, enthusiastic, and confident in order to really [...]

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The Power of Taking Bold Tenancious Action and Imagining That You Can Create the Career You Desire

    Jahaan Blake is a Sports Executive turned Coach and Consultant who can not only help you achieve your goals, but knock them out of the park! Jahaan has worked for the Boston Red Sox (and even has two World Series Rings with them), the Chicago Cubs and the Los Angeles Dodgers. During her [...]

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(Solocast) Four Ways to Use the Consumer Calendar for Pitching Success

In this episode, we dive into what we can do to utilize all of these “markers” throughout the year that we already know about, to make our chances to get featured in the media...stronger.  Every year, we see the same kind of stories and themes at the same time of year...EVERY YEAR! So join me [...]

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The Power of Teaching, As A Tool, For Driving More Interest In Your Business

    Kimberly Merlitti owns KMM Consulting located in Washington DC. Kimberly has 20 years of experience working in accounting for companies such as Swinerton Builders, WRNS Studio and Martin Group until she opened her company in 2012. She has her Masters in Accounting from Golden Gate University located in San Francisco, Kimberly's clientele include [...]

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The POWER of Creating and Maintaining Relationships That Can Benefit Your Business Over Time

    LuAnn Nigara, with her husband Vince and cousin Bill, co-owns Window Works in Livingston NJ. A 12-person firm, specializing in custom window treatments and awnings, they have serviced more than 36,000 clients since opening in 1982.   As the host of the #1, 5-star rated, interior design business podcast, A Well-Designed Business®, LuAnn digs [...]

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(Solocast) 5 Things Editors Need To Know About You To Greenlight Your Ideas

In this episode, we will look at the 5 things the media is looking for when you send in that pitch.  What do they need to know about you... ...As a human ...As an expert ...As a business owner ...As a thought leader  in order to greenlight your pitch and get that YES! Topics covered [...]

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