On Being Alone

Call it solitude. And it sounds like something you require, like a meal, or a nap. Solitude sounds spiritual, grounded and strong. Like a choice. It sounds rich and luxurious, even though it’s essential for our creativity, our relationships and our well being.   We are communal animals. And with so many of us living [...]

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Hitting Bottom

To know if you’ve hit bottom, you don’t have to be the cokehead who drives to your dealer’s house with your kids in the backseat.  Bottom is a unique destination for everyone.  And you don’t even need to have a harrowing experience to get there. Whether you’ve got the disease of substance abuse or your [...]

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Capturing Your Ah-Ha Moments

Not a long time ago, I had no fewer than three notebooks going. They each contained specific ramblings. One, which had the word PEACE artfully drawn on the cover, was a personal journal, which usually resided on my bedside table, though sometimes found its way into my handbag because I’d feverishly write something down in [...]

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Resurrect a Childhood Hobby

I used to make massive collages. In my childhood bedroom, my collages bloomed like an azalea over two entire closet doors. I would sit on my mauve carpeting for hours snipping things from magazines: words that spoke to me, images of the life I wished I was living, photos I thought were cool.  I remember [...]

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