Hitting Bottom

To know if you’ve hit bottom, you don’t have to be the cokehead who drives to your dealer’s house with your kids in the backseat.  Bottom is a unique destination for everyone.  And you don’t even need to have a harrowing experience to get there. Whether you’ve got the disease of substance abuse or your [...]

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Be Nice

Nice gals finish first?   Clichés have us thinking that if you’re kind and thoughtful, you definitely won’t end up in the corner office.  But there is a benefit to being benevolent. Nice gals don’t necessarily finish last.   A friend of mine was looking for help.  Her nanny had left with not much notice [...]

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Invite Yourself to the Party

When you’ve got something to learn, you’re gonna get pummeled with opportunities to learn it until you finally get it.   For me, this week, that lesson is authenticity.  Earlier this month, one of my guru’s Gabrielle Bernstein gave a lecture on the topic.  Despite having endured eight straight hours of exercise classes at the [...]

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