How to Find Your Soul Mates

You know how you always see women promoting other awesome women’s stuff in their email newsletters, on social media and in their talks and classes? Does it feel like a clique you’re not allowed to be a part of? Do you go to the bad place — the I’m-back-in-ninth-grade-and-I’m-not-invited-to-sit-at-the-lunch-table place? Don’t. It just means that [...]

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3 Easy Steps to Bust Relationship Anxiety

What’s it like to be in the thick of relationship anxiety?   Not only is the honeymoon over but it’s like you’ve returned from that honeymoon to a landscape you don’t even recognize with a travel companion who looks like a stranger. You find yourself standing on Mars, reaching to touch the face of someone [...]

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On Being Alone

Call it solitude. And it sounds like something you require, like a meal, or a nap. Solitude sounds spiritual, grounded and strong. Like a choice. It sounds rich and luxurious, even though it’s essential for our creativity, our relationships and our well being.   We are communal animals. And with so many of us living [...]

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Dark Side of Competition

If the Olympics have shown us anything, it’s that a little competition is a good thing. The television ratings are high. We get inspired. Maybe they even get us jazzed about pushing ourselves to try something new. Judo, anyone?   Just like an Olympic athlete who sheds seconds off her time in heat of the [...]

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