Dance with Your Shadow

She toils over her plans and strategies. She’s in her bunker, like Winston Churchill during the bombings of London. But she’s less heroic. She’s not leading a nation. She’s not like, “Stay calm and carry on.” In fact, she’s content to scratch her plans out and pretend she working while encouraging us to panic. She’s [...]

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On Being Alone

Call it solitude. And it sounds like something you require, like a meal, or a nap. Solitude sounds spiritual, grounded and strong. Like a choice. It sounds rich and luxurious, even though it’s essential for our creativity, our relationships and our well being.   We are communal animals. And with so many of us living [...]

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Your Career Karma Credo: Step 1

Everything we do is formed in some way by what we believe. So getting clear on what you believe and the ways in which your beliefs, the good, the bad, and the ugly, inform your actions can help you walk confidently down a path you know is the right one for you. Like, if I [...]

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Hitting Bottom

To know if you’ve hit bottom, you don’t have to be the cokehead who drives to your dealer’s house with your kids in the backseat.  Bottom is a unique destination for everyone.  And you don’t even need to have a harrowing experience to get there. Whether you’ve got the disease of substance abuse or your [...]

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Capturing Your Ah-Ha Moments

Not a long time ago, I had no fewer than three notebooks going. They each contained specific ramblings. One, which had the word PEACE artfully drawn on the cover, was a personal journal, which usually resided on my bedside table, though sometimes found its way into my handbag because I’d feverishly write something down in [...]

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Keeping the Boogeyman at Bay

The disturbing dreams that cause you to lurch from sleep, breathless, drenched in sweat aren't just upsetting and disruptive to a restful night's sleep, they are actually bad for your health.  Whether you experience falling, or running, or wading in slow-motion away from something scary that's chasing you (that’s my personal sleep maelstrom), stress dreams [...]

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