Monday Meditation: Wednesday Edition

Something is waiting to blossom. What is it? What is coming alive? What is emerging? What is growing as a result of the simple fact that you exist. What is your contribution? Here's a hint: You don't have to create it. It just is. It's waiting to become. All you need to do is allow [...]

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Monday’s Meditation: Choice

You always have a choice.  What are you choosing to think, feel, believe?   Recognize your pain is not part of who you are. It’s a condition you’ve chosen.   When you get overwhelmed, witness yourself going down that road, moving away from the peace that you really want. Your pain is not “of” you. [...]

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Monday’s Meditation: Gratitude

Thank you for everything in my life right now and all that I know is on its way.  Thank you for providing me with all the tools I need and lessons I need to learn in pursuit of my dream. Thank you for instilling in me a faithful knowing that I am supported. I have [...]

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