When to Stop Editing

The editor-author relationship can be a beautiful collaboration. Or it can be a contemptuous tug of war. In the best of times, editors nurture talent and provide emotional as well as editorial support. They keep your secrets. And when you ask them, on your deathbed, to burn all your remaining notebooks (a la Franz Kafka) [...]

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How to Talk About Your Past

“You have a ‘decorator;’ I have a ‘decorator.’ There really is no need for the ex-decorator conversation.”  You have a past. I have a past. We’ve all been somewhere else before we landed here. The good thing is that you get to take it all with you. You get to bring your past to the [...]

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Four Ways to Find Guest Post Outlets

It’s list-building 101. Right? But it’s not enough to feature your work just anywhere. Guest posting is an art. And finding the right outlets to pitch to feature your work is the key element of a successful guest post. Just like everything else, it’s all about creating relationships and making connections. First: what is guest [...]

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