How to Know Exactly What to Say in the Moment

Does the concept of “key messages” make you cringe? Like, you’re afraid you’ll be co-opted into the scions who operate only on rehearsed messages, never deviating and devoid of all original thought. Sounds like you might be fodder for a political operative who seizes on the fact that you’re saying the same thing over and [...]

Ep 5: Answer “What do you do?” Differently

This question is thought of as a conversation starter, but it also stops a conversation before it starts. We all have an idea of what or who we THINK someone is based on a one-word response. We need to do better. We need more people talking more enthusiastically, more clearly, more compellingly, more interestingly, [...]

Three Common Culprits Behind Content Shame…

…and what to do to deal with them… You don’t give people your business URL: If you’re not giving out your information because you’re afraid someone will actually visit your site, then you might be hiding behind bad copy. It’s possible you might not be happy with the way you talk about what you do. Or, [...]

Three Super Secret Tricks for Finding Guest Posting Opportunities

I’ve written before on the task of finding outlets to write for in order to get your name out there. The art of guest posting puts you in front of your target audience offering excellent information that whets their appetite and leads them back to your website, hopefully wanting more. I have a couple more [...]

Three Ways to Pitch Like a Pro

What Not to Write and What to Write Instead + Free Download Pitching articles, guest posts or interviews is not hard. You can learn how to do it. You can even throw darts at the board and some will hit. But mastering the craft is another story. And then there's the whole emotional part. Pitching [...]