Kick the Advice Habit

We are advice junkies. We subscribe to every newsletter. Sign up for every digital program. Log in for every free tutorial. We’ll barter our email addresses for just about anything that promises to help us do it better, faster, longer and for more money. But, wait. In some cases, we’re trading what’s good enough for [...]

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Dance with Your Shadow

She toils over her plans and strategies. She’s in her bunker, like Winston Churchill during the bombings of London. But she’s less heroic. She’s not leading a nation. She’s not like, “Stay calm and carry on.” In fact, she’s content to scratch her plans out and pretend she working while encouraging us to panic. She’s [...]

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Happier at Home: Cultivate a Shrine

When I received my advance copy of Gretchen Rubin’s new happiness project Happier at Home I was psyched. Rubin’s first book was a beautifully organized manifesto on creating happiness in every area of life. Methodically, she tested theories, research and hypotheses to cultivate her own happiness commandments, credos and resolutions. Utterly approachable, she created happiness [...]

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