My Super-Secret Exercise History…

...or How I Discovered that Movement is My Medicine When I was in high school, I ran-walked the mile in the Presidential fitness test in just over fourteen minutes. I played on the tennis team where our conditioning drills amounted to a few suicides and a run around the backstops of the three softball fields [...]

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Hitting Bottom

To know if you’ve hit bottom, you don’t have to be the cokehead who drives to your dealer’s house with your kids in the backseat.  Bottom is a unique destination for everyone.  And you don’t even need to have a harrowing experience to get there. Whether you’ve got the disease of substance abuse or your [...]

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A Workout that Works

During summer here in New York, if you’re standing on the subway platform for more than four minutes, you’re sweating.  Despite the fact that I usually need a shower from my commute, it’s not a “real sweat.”  The real sweat comes from activity. If I haven’t really sweated, the day doesn’t seem worth it.  As [...]

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My HerFuture Interview with Patricia Moreno

Patricia Moreno is a fitness motivator and a spiritual warrior.  She founded The intenSati Method, which is a physical and spiritual training that pairs positive affirmations with exercise.  She has written a book on the practice and she launched Sati Life Warrior Training as a complement to the fitness class.  All members of the All [...]

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Learned Freedom

...or Why I Love intenSati   In the decade during which I was a dedicated Weight Watcher I never realized what I really wanted.  I thought a number on the scale would finally make me feel free.  Little did I know…kind of like Dorothy…the power to be free was with me all along.  I only [...]

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