Amy Braswell is founder of PaperFinch design, for which she creates inspirational and geographic art and gift products.

I really wanted to connect with Amy because she creates beautiful pieces that let her clients tell their stories, she has a product-based business (and a lot of the people I talk to are service-based professionals) and also, I’ll be honest, she had a gorgeous media kit.

It’s a great example of how presentation can make a real difference when connecting with someone new. Amy’s story of how her media kit and her catalog came about also show that quality marketing collateral also make a big difference for the business owner because they make you so much more confident in putting yourself out there.

Amy has been among the top 100 art sellers on Etsy and has been featured on websites like People, Good Housekeeping, Fodor’s, and Kohls.

In this interview, we talk about:

The cardinal rule of creativity: The more you find your unique voice and vision the more it resonates with more people

How good advice can transcend the media: She applies advice an acting teacher gave her to her art creation now

The difference between personalization and customizing: A great concept to extrapolate when it comes to pitching en mass.

She works with other business to help them scale and grow. Listen for the first thing you should do if you’re going to scale your business — you might not like it (I know I felt overwhelmed by this!)

Her next level publicity dream is to make more connections in the guide books arena. Get my thoughts on that…I’d bet you can apply it in your own business.

Give it a listen and let us know if you’ve been inspired, to take your pitching in a new direction, or start your own Etsy store. I’ll say that’s percolating for me!
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