I work with coaches who want to go pro, make an impact, expand their reach, find their voice, and get more clients!

I sprung from the corporate world after serving for 12 years in the niche of marketing, public relations, and publicity. I thought I would be perfectly positioned to start my own biz and put myself out there. But, it was hard to turn my marketing lens on myself! Since then, I’ve amassed the experience and strategies to authentically connect with my people and make a living helping people help people. I hereby invite you to hop on this train!

Three-Month Authentic Biz-Building Boot Camp
[The brief: You + Me + a full-on assessment of where you are now + visioning to illuminate where you want to go + worksheets + assignments + twice-monthly calls to keep you on track as you implement strategies that are authentic and personalized for you]

Pre-Session Discovery Questionnaire that will help you take a wide-angle look at where you are in your business and where you want to go. You’ll brainstorm your natural market, your innate strengths, your ideal client and your unique offerings. (Value: $50)

After that, I’ll create a personalized business communication plan that will set you up to communicate with your audience in a streamlined, authentic way that turns observers into fans and fans into paying clients.

Coaching intensive session where we will meet in person or via Skype to:
– Unpack your discovery document
– Examine the blocks, mental or physical, that are keeping you from your dream
– Celebrate all your resources — even if you didn’t see them before
– Illuminate more possibilities than you initially recognized
– Open your mind to all your opportunities, business and otherwise
– Develop an initial plan of action based on your unique needs and goals
(Value: $515)

One-on-one coaching on the phone or via Skype

Two 1-hour calls per month for three months. Here’s where we dive in. And we start where you are. These sessions are jammed-packed with advice, tips, tools, best practices and coaching to help you get around whatever real or figurative blocks with which you find yourself confronted. You’ll leave each call with mad motivation and shimmering inspiration. You’ll be moved to action based on worksheets and conversation points relevant to your unique position.
Get advice, insight and inspiration to guide you in:
– Website development
– Editorial voice and content creation
– Designing your offers, services, and products
– Social media outreach
– Strategic partnerships and media outreach
(Value: $1500)

Unlimited email and text access to me during the course of your program. So much of the work happens in-between sessions, because you are committed to your own progress and moving forward every day. I want to be part of your celebrations and challenges. It’s impossible to abuse this feature of the program. This is an opportunity to engage and share and ask for what you need. (Value: Incalculable!)

Your total investment: $1425


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