takeastandWhat do you want people to know above all else about what you believe?

It sounds like a question that would invite a soapbox. But there are a surprising number of situations that will call upon you to espouse your big belief or guiding philosophy. It happened to me in regular conversation with an interviewee on The Pitch Podcast.

That’s reason enough to have it at the ready.

So, how do you develop this brand stand?

You can craft this philosophy-based nugget by answering just a few questions.

Why do you do what you do?
This is a big one. There are probably a lot of reasons why you do what you do. Many of them may mean nothing to your prospective clients. What we’re looking for here is an answer to your big WHY. What motivates you to do the work you do in terms of the need it’s fulfilling or the impact it is having. What is the problem that needed solving so much that you dedicated your professional life to providing the solution?

Mine: Why do I do what I do? One of the reasons: You’re doing important work and there are people out there who need to know about it.

Another: I had this skill that usually is employed to help big companies be the loudest guy in the room — entrepreneurs should really have access to this skill (and be able to wield it on behalf of their own businesses!)

What’s possible when someone embraces the work or product you offer?
What have you seen this work do for people to whom you’ve introduced it? How does this work change people’s lives? Life-changing happens in degrees. Don’t minimize the impact of your product or service. A small positive impact can indeed be life-changing.

Mine: When you raise your voice, tell your story, and introduce the world to your perspective and point of view you feel empowered. You also empower others. You show them there’s a way out from whatever their challenge is. If you have the courage to be super honest, you give your audience the gift of feeling less alone.

Share with us your brand stand. Why do you do what you do? What’s possible when someone engages in this work? In short, why should we care?