I’m so excited to introduce you, if you don’t know her already, my dear friend, Lori Fields.


Combining 6 years of intense clinical training in a psychiatric emergency room with her experience as a Professional Matchmaker, Internet Entrepreneur and outspoken advocate for women’s empowerment, she has created a truly unique and powerful coaching program for women who are ready to gain clarity, confidence, and control over the direction of their life.


Lori is one of my dearest friends and one of my most treasured mommy role models. Perhaps most importantly, she is the greatest advocate I’ve ever had…she’s the kind of friend who cuts you off during your less stellar moments of self-criticism and stands up to you…on behalf of YOU.


I wanted to invite Lori to the show to have a frank conversation about self, about putting personal work out there into the world, and what it takes to believe you are WORTHY of the success you desire in any area of your life.


Listen in to our frank, emotional (there were tears!) conversation about emotional contracts we make, the hard conversations we have to have with yourself, and the ever-present effort to show up in our most purpose-driven lives.