Mallika Malhotra is a photographer and a branding expert with three children and a history of traveling across the country and back due to her husband’s schooling and career. So community naturally became something she craved and also found very powerful in drawing attention to her business. Through spearheading networking events in her local area, she became the “go-to” person for stories on local mom-entrepreneurs and business owners. She was top-of-mind. 

Mallika offers us thoughtful insight on…

How it all starts with the story…

The challenge she faced when she put herself forth as the face of her own brand, feeling comfortable with her place behind the camera

How in-person networking (as well as networking online) has been really powerful for her…incentive to get out there and meet people in person, whether you have a business that requires you to meet people in person, or not

The process she takes her clients through to get to the root of their brand identity and intention, born of her own realization that there was MORE for her during a time in her life when she felt particularly lost as a new mom in a new location

How she sustains relationships with past clients

How the power of alliances can reflect positively on your brand — they look good, you look good

How she snagged the local media coverage she enjoyed that bolstered her local credibility and positioned her as THE person in her area to profile

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