Dr. Beata Oginski is the CEO and Founder of TestSharing. Beata is a Ph.D. chemist from Germany and a mother of two beautiful girls. She learned that there was a large need for dependable food product information in her professional career, working in a lab in Shanghai. She began conducting her own tests on food products she feeds to her family, and quickly realized this service met a global need. She developed a team of engineers to automate her testings and moved to New York, where TestSharing was born. Beata’s drive to make food testings for chemicals more accessible and desire for reliable food information is starting a movement in the food system.

In this episode you will hear:

  • All about Beata’s background and how her amazing story influenced her business
  • About the detail of her story that I found most interesting that actually was a detriment to her when she was speaking in front of potential funders
  • Beata’s insight into a different kind of pitch that some of you may be interested in pursuing
  • How she had to tailor her story and all of the different phases that her pitch went through to make it viable for the committee choosing participants in this accelerator as well as investors, who would bring their funding to her company in the future
  • Us talking about your audiences and your goals and how you can get in front of the right people to bring them closer into your fold to get them to become fans, supporters and evangelists for your brand