Nice gals finish first?


Clichés have us thinking that if you’re kind and thoughtful, you definitely won’t end up in the corner office.  But there is a benefit to being benevolent. Nice gals don’t necessarily finish last.


A friend of mine was looking for help.  Her nanny had left with not much notice and there she was, two little kids, one on the way, and sans her extra pair of hands.  She was angry; she was overwhelmed; she was whining.  She wasn’t finding anyone who she wanted to hire.


She needed to shift her energy around this search.  With her pissed-off attitude, who was going to want to work for her?


This is an illustration of the Law of Attraction.  But, on a very practical level it makes sense, whether you’re trying to find and connect with the right person on a professional or personal level.


Would you want to hang around with you? 


The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like.  If you want something, you need to embody the energetic feeling you imagine you would feel if that thing came into your life.  I posit an even simpler state of being. To get the things you want, be a pleasant person.  It works on a number of levels.  If you believe in karma, you’re taken care of.  If you do the right thing and treat people how you would like to be treated, your karma is in the black.  Being nice keeps you spiritually solvent.  You’ll feel aligned with your personal values and what you know to be morally sound, which averts feelings of alienation. And finally, if you’re pleasant, people who can help you may actually come around.  If you’re nasty and annoyed all the time good luck trying to find any allies. In the late 80’s, Richard Dawkins produced a documentary that posited the theory that nature actually favors cooperative behavior, over selfishness.  So, in short, nice guys don’t always finish last.


The key is being genuinely pleasant. “I’m only being nice to you to get what I want…” does not work.  People see and feel right through that.  Be nice because it feels good.  Your energy doesn’t only impact those around you. It can take you down even more quickly. If you want to feel good, be nice to those around you.