Barbara Hobart is a television writer/producer.

Back in 1994, Barbara started making decorative light switch plates as a hobby. In 2003, while visiting friends in London, she offered to make them a switch plate to replace their plain, boring, white switch. She was told: “You can’t. UK switches are wired into the wall and are not removable.” “Can’t” isn’t a word in Barbara’s vocabulary. And so, a challenge became an opportunity and an international business. After introducing the first decorative light switchcover that required no rewiring in the UK, she’s been creating products for companies and brands ever since.

She helps business owners and bloggers increase their own brand identity by creating custom products which also generates and additional revenue stream. And yes, she still writes for television, stage, and various media.

In this episode you will hear: 

  • How Barbara followed every little lead that she was getting to create several businesses that packed a punch and made her stand out in the food blogger industry
  • About how you can dive deep into the thing that comes easily to you and make a splash, offering your insight and expertise to people who maybe don’t have the same instincts that you do
  • Us brainstorming about Barbara’s podcast launch

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