IMG_1235This question is thought of as a conversation starter, but it also stops a conversation before it starts. We all have an idea of what or who we THINK someone is based on a one-word response.

We need to do better.

We need more people talking more enthusiastically, more clearly, more compellingly, more interestingly, about what they do. We need this because we need to be able to connect with those passionate people. If we adopt a more effective approach to answering this question — and that doesn’t include the one-word answer (wah wah) — then we become a magnet for the people who want to connect with us. We’re better understood, therefore we’re better connected. The people we talk to will know what we do and can send their people our way, when appropriate.

We stay top of mind. Because we are clear and memorable.

So listen on for seven NEW WAYS to answer the questions “What do you do?”