There was a time when I felt like my personal life was so messy I had “no business” showing up for the work I really wanted to do. 

When life is tough it is SO HARD (maybe even impossible-feeling) to put yourself out there and do your work, even if it feels like a calling. 

I felt like a fraud. And I simply felt too vulnerable to do anything outside my comfort zone.  

I talked about this for about 20 minutes today during a Facebook Live in the PITCH School Free Content and Publicity Strategy group, and I broadcasted it on my podcast channel. (Something new I’m trying.) You can learn more about the details there.

I want to know if this resonates with you. Have you ever sidelined your passion because it just felt too hard to be seen? 

You know I get it. 

I also know that when you surround yourself with the right support, the right friends and colleagues who can cheer you on and provide a touchstone during tumult, you can truly do anything. And EVERYTHING feels a whole lot easier. 

So to get through the “My Life is Too Messy…I Just Have to Go to Bed Until This Season is Over” Moments…

  • Listen to perspectives from the outside
  • Chart how far you have actually come
  • Reality-test your perceptions about yourself and your business (make sure you’re not carrying around stories that you don’t even actually believe yourself anymore!) 

Again, go listen to the recording…I dropped some seriously personal anecdotes, but I think it will help you move through any wonkiness that’s holding you back in advance of this BIG YEAR that’s on its way! 2018!

And…if you want to “try me out” and come have a powerful session of planning and collaboration…  

Event Reminder

10 Days to Get Your Tix (We’re 1/3 sold!) 

My first-ever live in-person event in NYC is Thursday, January 4, 2018, from 3pm-7pm. 

It’s a MEDIA PLANNING PARTY + wine and cheese + snacks + community + collaboration!

We’ll design: 

>> Your 90-day goals, plus the projects and tasks that need to happen to achieve those goals
>> Your content plan for what you’ll write, podcast, or vlog about in the first 3 months of the year
>> Your media outreach strategy so you can get your content to NEW audiences
>> Your new way of talking about what you do so you can capitalize on your “natural market” and the people who already know, like, and trust you (You’d be surprised how many of our ideal clients are in our midsts!)   
>> Group collaboration so you can hear from others on what’s resonating and what they want to learn from you

Grab your seat, now.

Let me know if you have any questions about the event. Just reply to this email. Or set up a time to talk.