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Agency Directory

Mallika Malhotra

Brand Photography

Katya Sarmiento


Suzi Istvan

Branding and Biz for Creatives

Holly Gillen

Business Cinema

Stacey Harris

Social Media

Kelly Lynn Adams

Maximizing Your Side Hustle

Danielle Liss + Jamie Lieberman


Michelle Atlas

Money Mindset

Annie Spano

Influencer Marketing

Shauna Van Bogart

Finding Your Biz Sweet Spot

Beth Brombosz

Writing Your Book

Jenn Lederer

Being More Visible Online

Monica Aparicio

Producing Successful Events

Laura McClellan


Elizabeth Lyons

Publishing a Profitable Book

Molly Rose Speed

Working Effective w/Your VA

Lisa Meta Griff

Meditation and Breathwork

Rachel Harvest

Self-Care and Nutrition

Denise Posnak Gaffney

Movement; Pilates

Frannie Coggeshall

Facebook Ads

Amanda Berlin


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