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Tricia Brouk - Oct. 15th at 1pm est. 

Speaking on The Big Stage

Get The 7 Step Formula for Fearless Speaking 

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Nicole Liloia - Oct. 16th at 1pm est. 

More money through multiple income Streams

Get The Launch Plan Checklist

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Courtney Bentley - Oct. 17th at 1pm est. 

Podcasting and Audience Building

Join The Purposeful Podcast Pro Masterclass

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Sarah Walton - Oct. 18th at 1pm est. 

Business Coach

Book a discovery Call with Sarah

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Kelly Gushue - Oct. 19th at 1pm est. 

Personal Finance

Get The  10 Biggest Mistakes 90% of Female Entrepreneurs Make

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Amanda Berlin- Oct. 22nd at 1pm est. 

How to Get Publicity Even if You Don't Think You're Ready

Book an Empowered Presence Call with Amanda

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Marcella Friel - Oct. 23rd at 1pm est. 

founder of "women food and forgiveness" on leveraging your expertise through courses

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Nikki Groom - Oct. 24th at 1pm est. 

Finding your voice in your business and in your life

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Maggie Patterson - Oct. 25th at 1pm est. 

Step up, be the boss, make more money

Get The Profitable Pricing Guide and Calculator

Nikki Rausch - Oct. 26th at 1pm est. 

Authentic sales with the sales maven

Free Ebook: Closing The Sale

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Alionka Polanco - Oct. 29th at 1pm est. 

Stepping into your full brilliance

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Emily Merrell - Oct. 30th at 1pm est. 

Networking effectively and authentically and having fun with it!

Erica Deligne - Oct. 31st at 1pm est. 

Building your social following (and your personal style) 

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