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Stacey Harris

Stacey Harris is a social media strategist who wants you to have fun in your business while experiencing a steady stream of inquiries and leads. 

Three Best Practices...


Focus on two networks, spend time where your ideal client is


Schedule time for social strategy, scheduling, and engagement


Get comfortable going live, live video must be a part of your 2018 strategy

To DoAnnually Audit Your Social Media

Audit your social media. Ideally, you do this with a Biz BFF, but you can also review it alone. Swap profiles/pages with your Biz BFF (or review your own as if they're not yours) and review it for clarity, consistency, and effectiveness. Write down 3 things they're doing well and 3 things you would change from a customer perspective.

Then swap back and take action!


Plan your social media, content, email, and any other marketing activities ahead of time so they have a consistent message.

Invest in your success, every network has an ad option that can help you drive traffic.


Break the rules, respect the tools you're using and the communities you're a part of.

Forget that this is about conversations, not just conversions. 

More from Stacey...

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