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Three Best Practices

Provide outstanding service to your customers

Provide outstanding work/service to your customers. The difference between good and outstanding work is that outstanding work sells itself. The number one signal that you are doing outstanding work is the rate of your referrals. Your customers should be actively talking about you and your business. If you’re getting referrals, that’s a good sign you’re right where you should be. Another great signal to tell if your work is outstanding is how you feel when doing it. Do you feel 100% present in your work? Specifically the client deliverable aspect of it? Or is your mind fragmented, or are you rushed? Outstanding work feels like more than a simple transaction between you and the customer, it should feel like something they experienced. Also, in my opinion, a great way to track if you’re doing outstanding work is how you feel after — did you feel an immense amount of satisfaction? Can you look at yourself honestly and say, “I did my very best in this situation and I feel fantastic about my work”? If so, you’re probably in the zone of outstanding work. 

Mindset IS the reason you will be successful

Mindset IS the reason you will be successful, not strategies and tactics. Are you actively working to cultivate a mindset of self-worth and trust in yourself that you WILL be successful? A success mindset is not about perfection or even about everything going right; it’s about knowing with 100% confidence that you’ve got this. That fear won’t hold you back (even when it’s present) and that you can push through anything to get to your most authentic desires for yourself and your business. If you don’t actually believe that you can make it work, or make a lot of money, then you will hit a ceiling and stay there. Mindset first, strategies/tactics second. Meaning, the strategies and tactics are important but they are worthless if the success mindset isn’t there to begin with. Imagine your mindset as your foundation and the tactics and strategies layered on top of that. Get the foundation right or the tactics will crumble. 

Always evolve to and re-adjust to your Sweet Spot.​

Always evolve to and re-adjust to your Sweet Spot. Your Sweet Spot is the most optimal place for effectiveness and performance in your business. I like to think of it as where your Zone of Genius meets your Ideal Consumers. It’s an ever-evolving place that can shape-shift over time as you grow in your business and better understand your audience and who you want to work with. So it’s important to check in with yourself to see if you’ve deviated away from it or if it’s changed. You’ll know you’re in your Sweet Spot when you feel creative, inspired and a sense of ease about what you do. You move through challenges with confidence and your work energizes you rather than drains you. The people around you will give you hints as well when you’ve found it by saying things like, “Wow – you were REALLY meant to be doing this!”

To Do​Ask at least 5 people this simple question.

Our audience can often explain what we do and the impact we make better than we can. Sometimes we are too close to ourselves and our business to be able to communicate it clearly. A really simple and fantastic exercise to help you understand what people are saying and if it’s in line with what you intend is to ask at least 5 people this simple question:

“If I were a fly on the wall, listening to you describe me and what I do in my business to someone new, what would I hear?”

Record the responses and look for patterns. This is a great place to further refine your messaging and to also use this verbiage in your marketing materials.


Focus more so on managing your energy, not your time.

Make listening your most active activity, not a passive one. 


Stop asking your audience questions and soliciting feedback.

Focus on new tactics when things aren’t working; instead check your mindset.

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