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After years as a corporate accountant cubicle dweller, Molly Rose decided to live out her mission to live a life owning her time and her unique service to the world. By helping passionate, mission driven entrepreneurs implement their ideas online through flawless tech execution, she has has not only freed herself but the hundreds of entrepreneurs she’s automated and streamlined. She is the creator of The Academy for Virtual Assistants and trains others on starting successful Virtual Support Businesses.

Three Best Practices

Systemetize   and Automate

Systematize and automate wherever you can. Task to consider include; calendar scheduling, email responders with important links that answer commonly asked questions, email campaigns, payment processors, opt ins, etc. Each of these save you time and allow you to work more freely at your desired location.

Hire a Business Co-Pilot

Hire a business co-pilot to support you in your daily business operations and long term goals. Outsourcing tasks that you can pay others to do for less than what you make an hour is key to growth in your business. It is important to stick to what you do best and what brings you in top dollar for your offerings. By outsourcing you now only have an expert in their field doing their best work for YOUR business but you save yourself time and provide an opportunity to earn more. 

Outsource your inbox

Outsource your inbox. Control your inbox, don’t let your inbox control you. Imagine your inbox operating completely independent of you. You are not accessible via email. How much time would that free up? How much more productive would you be? How much stress would that lift? It can be done. By outsourcing your inbox, you no longer become available at the drop of a hat. Your customers, clients and business partners will know that you have an assistant overseeing your messaging, declining or accepting engagements, saying yes to the things that matter and no to the things that don’t serve you. You don’t have to be the bad guy or gal. Worried that you’ll miss something? Those most important to you will know how to find you!

To Do​​Outsource Tasks

Assess how you can streamline and systematize to free up time in your business. This will allow you to work less and do something that I am personally passionate about work wherever, whenever you want. Take a moment to list out ALL the tasks that you do in a week. Make a list on paper or a marker board. Then, put a square around all the tasks that you personally have to do to bring in money. ie. phone calls with clients, webinars, editing photos, etc. Then, put a circle around all the things that you genuinely enjoy doing. These can include those not in a square as well. Reflect on the items in circles and in squares. Can you outsource any of these? Do you want to outsource any of these tasks? And… if outsourced could you take that time to earn more? Finally – draft a write up of what you need in a virtual assistant, assess your budget and reach out to those in your network to find Virtual Assistant for you team. Alternatively, you can reach out to The Academy For Virtual Assistants to find a high end trained, virtual assistant or post within general Virtual Assistant facebook groups online.

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DO instill autonomy and ownership in your Virtual Assistants. Allowing them the ability to use their unique strength for improving your business will add value in the work they do and make them proud and loyal contractors in your business. The output you will receive will be above par in comparison to simply delegating tasks to them each week. DO outsource tasks that are NOT one of your power skills. Letting an expert handle the small stuff that you find yourself spending too much time on which in return provide you additional hours where you can earn additional revenue. 


DON’T micromanage your Virtual Assistant. If you find yourself managing the tasks that are given to your assistant it is safe to say they aren’t the right person for the job. DON’T hire the cheapest Virtual Assistant. An equal energy exchange will pay off in how much income you earn as a result of their support and assistance. The phrase “You get what you pay for” doesn’t just apply to goods.

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