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Michelle Atlas

Potent money-mindset coach who helps you realized your blocks to abundance and the fact that it's never really about the money.

Three Best Practices...

Create a "Money Date

Create a "money date" each week. Between 10-30 minutes should do it. Use this time to pay whatever bills are due that particular week, double check credit card statements for accuracy, take a look at your bank accounts to make sure that your balances are what you think they are and will cover upcoming expenses. Money loves clarity (and attention :-)). Your relationship with your money is like any other important relationship in your life, the more you presence it, the more likely it is to grow and be there for you when you need it.

Emotional Triggers

Notice where you are emotionally triggered by money… your money behavior/beliefs or someone else's. Pay particular attention to where you find yourself critical or judgmental (of yourself or another). Next, ask yourself with genuine curiosity and self- compassion, "What belief or narrative am I projecting onto this circumstance?" When you become aware of what is driving your triggers, you move into empowered choice, meaning you can choose a different way of seeing the situation or make a different decision. This is how you begin to effectively create new money results. Without this step no matter how many affirmations you do, they will not likely help you manifest what you want moneywise.

Treat your business like a  business

Treat your business like a business. Be mindful of your money boundaries. One way of doing that is to create definitive boundaries around any pro bono work you may do. Here are two suggestions...a. Keep your pro bono work separate from your business. For example you might offer your expertise and services to an organization providing a completely different kind of service than you do in your business. b. If you want to offer pro bono work within your business, predetermine exactly how much time or how many slots you can afford to devote to non-paying customers or clients. For example, you might hold one client slot per each 3 or six month period of time, for someone you are passionate about supporting that cannot pay you. When that time is up, you then offer that slot to a different pro bono client.

To DoBrand Photography Cheat Sheet

Notice where you have an emotional trigger reaction to money, your relationship to money or somebody else’s.

Become a detective e and Identify and question the beliefs and narrative driving the emotional reaction.

Ask yourself, what would be possible for me without this narrative?

Notice what possibilities become available to you, that are not available in your habitual way of seeing things.


Practice taking 100% responsibility for your relationship to money.

Make empowered business/money decisions that will support who you are becoming and stretch you outside of your status quo.



Do not make money/business decisions based on your fears..."what if's".

Do not identify with the belief that you are a victim of your money conditioning and cannot change your money results. 

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