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Mallika Malhotra

Mallika Malhotra is a professional photographer, brand strategist, educator and author at MikiFoto + Co. Her mission is to empower you to be the face of their brand and share your story with confidence.

Three Best Practices...

Get Clear

Before you book your photo shoot, first get crystal clear on your story and your point of difference. Take the time out to ask yourself the tough brand foundational questions about your mission, your values, your vision. Define your passions, your personality, your experience. Get strategic and determine where you can add value to your audience. This information is critical to building a brand that stand-outs out from the rest.

Business  Mind

Hire a photographer who has a creative eye and a business mind. Brand photography is not just about pretty pictures. You need to work with a partner that understands branding, marketing and the online space. They should understand your aesthetic as well as your business goals.

Make Your Mark

Once you have your brand images, don't be shy. Start to use them for all your marketing needs. We live in a visual world so put them to use on your website, your social media, your newsletters, your blog, your press kits. The more you use them, the more recognizable your brand will become and the more you will make your mark in your industry. 

To DoBrand Photography Cheat Sheet

Here are the 6 images that every entrepreneur needs for their business to stand-out and make a meaningful connection with their audience:

1) Power Pose  - Also known as your headshot. This is your first impression and introduction to your business. It should look professional, polished with a touch of personality.

2) Working Girl - There are so many steps to your work that many don’t even realize. Share how you work, where you work and all the steps in the process.

3) Passion Portrait - How do you feel about your business? What excites you? Use mood, story and expression to communicate what it feels like to work with you.

4) Lifestyle Lens - Humanize your business. What do you love to do for fun? Share your personality and your personal interests.

5) Future Forecast - Where do you want to take your brand? Tell a visual story of your vision. This will not only give your audience a taste of your dreams, but it may also put things into motion.

6) Storytelling Stock - Take photos of the all your stuff, your cherished goods. These are the detail shots, the product shots and the flat lays that tell us about your daily life.



Do put your face to your brand. People do business with people not logos or fonts or website. Show up and share the heart of your brand. Let your audience connect with YOU.

Do tell photo stories about what it FEELS like to do business with you. Today's consumer is not only interested in features and benefits. They want to have a personal experience and be part of a community. Infuse your personality and your passion into your brand.



Don't rely on your headshot to tell the story of your business. Your brand has depth, layers - you'll need powerful visuals to communicate and connect with your audience.

Don't just copy someone else's brand photography. What works for them, may not work for you. Plus, it will feel inauthentic and cookie cutter. Be a leader, stay in your lane and figure out how you are different.

More from Mallika...

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