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Lisa is an expert in helping you cultivate a sustainable routine that nourishes your work and your life.

Morning Routine for Manifesting Best Practices:

A morning routine is one of the most important tools for setting your day (and life) up for success. Consistency is everything; most of the success is in the showing up, and less is in the actual things you do. However, there are a few best practices I recommend to set up your day for optimum manifesting.


First thing when you wake up, drink a glass of water, slightly warmed up if possible. When starting out on this journey, even a glass at room temperature is a good start. You have been sleeping for hours with no liquids, so your body is thirsty! We are water, and we need lots of it. Most of us need to drink more water throughout the day, too (me included). Imagine sending love, healing, confidence (or whatever you want more of) into the water, and then drink it. Water is intelligent and it hears you. Let it flow within you.“ … water contains a consciousness that can be influenced through prayer, music, light wave forms, written words, thoughts and more.” source: water researcher Masaru Emoto, Ph.D., from the book Messages from Water.


The second best practice is to sit quietly and meditate for at least 5 minutes. I recommend building that up to 20+ minutes, but I know that can be challenging at first, so start with 5 minutes and see if you can increase the time as you go. You might find that you start enjoying it! Start with taking long deep breaths, allowing your whole body to relax. Feel the expansion on the inhale and the gravity pull down on the exhale. Let your shoulders drop. Try counting during your breaths so you have something to do with your mind. Inhale 1, exhale 1. Inhale 2, exhale 2…Have fun with this. Try listening to guided meditations or soothing music (I use Insight Timer – friend me on there). If sitting in silence feels hard or you get distracted easily – get creative. This is not a punishment; it is a way to be with yourself and build your mental awareness. Thoughts don’t necessarily “shut off” during meditation, but you are beginning a practice of witnessing them. It’s important you find what works for you and it’s one to change it up daily. Remember, it is in the showing up! Once you begin to see the thoughts you are having, especially the repetitive ones, you can start sculpting and crafting your thoughts to align with your goals… so that you can become the creator of them. The first step is to develop a strong inner witness. Meditation is about just being present with what is. “Silence isn’t empty, it’s full of the answers.” – Unknown

Brain Drain

Journaling after meditation is ideal. It’s one of the most powerful ways to become your own guide and train yourself to work things out on your own. This builds personal trust within your system, and you will find yourself needing to consult other people less and less as you become the witness to your own thinking. Let it all out! Don’t worry about how you word something, about grammar or spelling, or if it is even legible. This is about talking to yourself and working out your stuff by getting it out. Every little detail, emotion, angle. Think through all the possibilities – problem solve! Celebrate your wins, talk out that crush you have, and blast out your anger.Allowing yourself to hold your own space is a form of empowerment and self love. The incredible feeling this offers will weave its way through your life, especially your relationships (yourself & others). “Journaling accelerates your ability to manifest your goals.” – Benjamin P. Hardy

Be The Creator

You can do this part many ways. The idea is, once you’ve emptied out all that blah blah brain drain crap, you have the space and the power to anchor what you want to manifest. Celebrate that you’ve arrived here, and it might not even be 9am yet! I teach people to make GOAL CARDS. They all start with the sentence: I am so happy and grateful now that… Then, you consider an area of your life and you finish the statement. I encourage you to speak in a detailed way and in the present tense, and with all of the emotion of someone already in the possession of what you’ve written down. Use positive words and affirmative phrases. Gratitude is the highest frequency emotion, so it supports the vibrational pull of your words. “Every time you have a good thought, you make a good investment.” – Bob Proctor

Now go out there and have an amazing day, because you are powerful and already successful! 


Realize. Visualize. Actualize. Your thoughts create things.Where your energy goes, your life flows.Your life is created by design or by default.Let’s design it! Step 1. REALIZE…what you want.Write out 3 things you want for yourself. Don’t worry about how it will happen. Think big, it should feel like a stretch but not too big where it overwhelms you.Step 2. VISUALIZE…it happening in your life.Pick one from the list above and begin to describe it in as much detail as you can. Get clear about what it would be like and feel like to have this. The more specific you are the better.Step 3. ACTUALIZE…it by creating an easy to do action plan.Begin to ask yourself: for that to happen, what has to happen?TIP: Keep drilling down until you get to an easy to do task. The task could be something super simple like finding a piece of paper that has a number on it, making a phone call, etc… Don’t give up, this can kick up a lot of resistance.Write out the next 3 steps you can take in the next few days to move you closer to creating what you want in your life. Put the day and time next to when you will complete each step.


Meditate & breathe every day to connect to yourself. Everything you need is inside of you and learning to hear your own thoughts and be still is paramount to living in peace and being a master manifestor.Pay attention to the words you use when talking to yourself and others, especially what you say to yourself about yourself. Gratitude is the highest frequency emotion, the more you express and experience it the more it will come to you like a magnet. 


Don’t stop before you see if ‘it’s’ working. Change takes time and right before the little sprout is about to pop its stem out of the dirt we tend to give up thinking it’s not working, but it is! Stay consistent and believe you can and you will. Don’t use negative words while talking about yourself, to someone else or really ever. Words matter and carry a lot of power in helping or hurting what we are wanting to create for ourselves

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